African Grey Parrots as Pets

There are some differences between this two spices and i will try to evidence them. The congo african grey parrot is a little larger than the Timneh african grey parrot and has red tail feathers. The timneh african grey parrot tail is coloured in a darker red more like a maroon.While the Congo's beak is grey, the Timneh's upper mandible is bone colored with a dark edge, while the lower mandible is grey.

Some people say that there isn't any difference at all but any way some temperament differences exist. In this parrot care page i will refer to the both species because the issue are identically for both subspecies.

Length of African grey parrot life

If you decide to have an african grey parrot as your pet then you should be ready to take the commitment that you will care for him for more than 50 years. yes, they can live for many years if they receive proper care.

Intelligence of the african grey parrot

African grey parrots are very intelligent birds. There were cases where some african greys have learned to recognize objects by shapes and colours.

Talking African Grey Parrots

African grey parrots are excellent talkers. Belive me that they have a capacity of learning around 2000 words which is not a small number. Not all of them talk but even those ones can repeat some house noises that they hear day by day.

Behavior problems for African grey parrots

Like i said before they are very intelligent birds. So, because of that they are also very demanding. If you don't spend much time with them so they can have social contact and mental stimulation they will get borred and that is not good for them. So try to provide them with lot of attention and love so they won't have any behavior disorders.

From my experience i can tell you that they are very devoted to their owners but they are very cautious when they meet new people. So it's good for an african grey parrot to get socialised with many people. But every person has to earn the pet's trust first and only after that the african grey will interact with them. They are a little more difficult to socialise with than other species.

There is also said that african grey parrots bite a lot. But i can tell you that they bite only if they have behavior problems and those only appear only if they are not socialised. They will also bite if they are scared and feel threatened. But you will have to earn their trust by patience and respect. You must always remember that a bored and stressed bird is more likely to bite someone.

So in conclusion an african grey parrot is a perfect companion if you meet al the parrot care issues. They are not easy to keep but if you really love birds you will see that african grey parrot is an amazing pet.