Amazon Parrot

There are many species of parrots in the whole wide world. Each of them has his own characteristics, advantages and desavantages. Before choosing a parrot try to find out as much as you can about the type of the parrot. If the information meets your desires and your possibilties to take care of yur parrot than that should be the roght kind of parrot for you.

The amazon parrot is one of the greates types of parrots. It's a very beautiful bird and waht's most important is that it's a very social pet. But the amazon parrots need much atention from their owners. Also the amazon parrots need to be stimulated a lot, so try to provide them with many toys. So if you take good care of them, the amazon parrots will live for many years and i can ensure you that they can be great pets.

The biggest adavtage of the amazon parrots is that hi is very intalogent and easy to train. They are great talking parrots with a capacity of learnig a quite big number of words. The only real deasdvantage of the amazon parrots is that they are very noisy birds. They also usually chew up almost everything that gets in their beack.

I will try to present here a minimum parrot care sheet for amazon parrots.

First of all, before you buy an amazon parrot you should take him to a veterinarian. You ahve to be sure that you take home a healthy bird. Take a close look at it's feathers and see if they are bright and healthy. After the veterinairain tell's you that the bird it's in a good shape you can take it home.

Housing Your Amazon Parrot

Picking a perfect cage for your bird is one of the most important things to think about. you should take in consideration all the aspects like safety, size and easy maintainence. Look closely at the bars of the parrot cage and make sure that they are corectly spaced so your amazon parrot won't be in danger of trapping his head between them. Make sure that there aren't any screws or other tiny parts in the cage that the parrot can swollow. look on the cage description too se if the paint is toxic for your amazon parrot. Also be sure to choose a cage that you can easily clean. All i can tell you about the size of the parrot cage is to choose the biggest that you can afford.

Amazon Parrot Health Problems

When it comes to your amazon parrot feeding you never can be to careful. First of all any amazon parrot shold be feed with an commercial Amazon food formulated especially for Amazons. besides this specail food you can feed your amazon parrot with any haelthy food that you eat. And also keep in mind that they like fruits a lot. Try to give them as many as you can.

The mazon parrot care issue can be quite difficult but not impossible. You will have to trim his toenails, his feathers but be careful not to cat a blood feather because the amazon could bleed very bad. Do not forget about the regulary vet visits.

The amazon parrots need a doze of reyst daily. He usally has to be kept in the dark for about 12 hours a day. If his cage is in a populated room try to cover the cage with a piece of cloth.

Playing with your amazon parrot

Amazon parrots are one of the most intelligent species of parrots. And because of that they need tons of parrot toys. They mustn't get borred. They are quite destructive birds so i can tell you that they will choose almost any parrot toy that you provide them. The amazon parrot also likes the divesity. So try to provide them with new eneterainment as often as possible.

Amzon parrots are birds that really need love from their master. Of you don devote a certain time every day from playing with it he could get some behavioral disorders.

All in all there are many species of parrots in teh world and i can tell you that te amazon parrot is one of the gratest. If you will take good care of hikm i can ensure you that he will live many years under your happy eyes.