Parrot Training

Parrot training is based on the same methods used for other pets - reward, ignore and punish - but specific training strategies must be applied, strategies that are proven to be effective for parrots. Parrot training should be attempted at a young age, because otherwise they can develop habits that will require harder work to adapt. Next, you'll read some tips that will help you with your parrot training, shaping the feathered friend the way you want it:

Reward your parrot for doing it right

When you get a positive reaction from your parrot on something you are teaching, make sure you give him a reward in the form of his favorite food treat, congratulate him, give a pat on the head or reward him with what you know he likes. As most pets do, he won't know what's happening at first but he'll adapt soon enough and he'll make the connection between the action and the reward. The food treats that are provided as rewards should not be provided on other occasions, this way they'll be special. Also, you shouldn't exaggerate with the rewards.

Instead of punishing, ignore him

Parrot training by using punishment is not a good ideea since they are not very susceptible as other pets are and they don't take it to lightly. With a dog, a slap on the back for something bad he does might be ok, but with a parrot there is going to be a problem. With a parrot, the best punishment is to ignore him if he does something wrong but allways make sure you reward the good things he does. He'll notice the rewards are given for certain actions only and he will stop doing the things that get him ignored.

Short and frequent training sessions

Parrots dont have the attention span of cats and dogs that have the ability to stay focused on training for a long period of time. So, short training sessions are preffered, because the parrot are distractible or they get bored after performing the same action for a long period of time. Parrot training sessions are best at 10-20 minutes and performed 2-3 times per day.

The main idea is to enjoy making parrot toys for your parrot and then you’ll find everything to be quite pleasant ant relaxing.