Interacting With Your African Grey Parrot

You can agree that parrots can represent very good pets. Especially the African Greys can be very good friends to you. But to have such a pet is a very big responsibility. There are few people that have the patience and the financial possibilities to rightfully one an African Grey. If you think that you are one of them, there are a few things you may want to know before you go and porches one:

First of all you must know that the African Greys are not domesticated. Do not confuse a parrot with a cat or a dog! So, if you really want a parrot for a pet, make sure that the breeder from witch you took her already socialized the bird. Your bird must learn how to live among people. This process is a long one. You must continue to socialize the bird once you arrive home. With baby birds is easier because they love everyone. Once you got home, make the proper introductions: present all your family members to your new pet. Also make sure you take her to you in all your visits. In this way you will show her that change is good and of course people are good.

Another thing that you must take care of your pet’s new home. If you think that is very easy to choose a cage for an African Grey you are mistaking. The cage must have the right measurements because the Greys are large birds and they need plenty of space. The cage must be at least 24 by 24 inches. Of course you must make sure her new home is secure. That means no unsafe metals, sharp edges, chipping paint and of course, a secure lock.

We also talk about healthy diet for your pet. In general, a parrot can and must eat healthy human foods like green vegetables, proteins and grain. Cooked meal is also good for your pet. Because parrots can develop very easily vitamin A deficiency, you must provide them with lots of vegetables rich in vit. A. Also good for your bird are leafy greens like kale, broccoli or dandelion greens. These vegetables contain very large quantities of both vitamin A and calcium. You must be careful when you administrate calcium or phosphorus to your Grey because she has difficulties metabolizing calcium

A very important thing is the relationship you have with your Grey. It must be very close. A Grey can not stay alone for a long period of time. So make sure she has someone to stay with when you are at work. Also you need to communicate with your pet. When you here a call from her you must answer. She will constantly call you when she feels insecure when she feels that something happened. This happens because African Grey is a flock animal. They depend on the flock for protection, food, friendship. You are your bird’s flock so you must act like so. When your parrot is alone, this means that she is separated by her flock; she feels that she is in grave danger. Her first instinct is to call her flock and that is you. You better answer or her calls will shortly transform in to screaming.

Greys want to share their activities with their flock. So, do not be amazed when she will eat when you eat and even will want to share your food with her. So, make sure you do not abandon your Grey by leaving her alone for a long period of time.